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A History of McCrohan(James McCrohan of Texas, U.S.A.)

World-wide home of McCrohan Genealogy

Welcome to is a community website dedicated to research and discussion about the McCrohan family name, and the genealogy of its bearers, whether they be called MacCriomhthainns (in the original Irish) or any of the many popular anglicisations of the name: McCrohon, McCrohan, MacCrohan, Mac-Crohan, McCrehin, O'Crohan, MacCrehin and Mac-Crohon (in Spain), O'Crohon, MacCrohon etc.

While much of the content is available to all visitors, posting messages and replies in the discussion forum (where members discuss their genealogy and help each other research their family trees), the family tree itself and the ability to send messages to other members are all features that are restricted to registered members.  Membership is free, but we do require that applicants provide some information about themselves and their interest in McCrohan genealogy to ensure that our members all share a genuine interest in the subject which brings us together.

You can apply for membership by clicking here.

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 My "MacCriomhthainn" History
  Good to be back
0 Carsun 32   20/04/2015 at 11:00PM 
Carsun Last Post
 General Discussion
  McCrohan reunion in Melbourne, Australia
1 Pippa 12964   16/04/2015 at 09:32AM 
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 The McCrohan Website - Public Forum
  Forum back in action
1 jerry 20712   10/04/2015 at 02:10AM 
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 General Discussion
  Roy McCrohan, professional footballer
0 jerry 729   16/11/2014 at 06:20AM 
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 My "MacCriomhthainn" History
  McCrohans of Annascaul Parish-East of Dingle
0 dutchy 3440   14/10/2013 at 05:49PM 
dutchy Last Post
 My "MacCriomhthainn" History
  Catherine McCrohan-Annascaul Parish, Kerry, Ireland
0 dutchy 3046   10/10/2013 at 12:56PM 
dutchy Last Post
 General Discussion
  McCrohans of Whitby (and thereabouts) Ontario, Canada
2 MikeMcCrohan 16145   13/01/2013 at 09:32AM 
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 Lost & Found
  Looking for McCrohan family around Milltown / Farranmanagh
1 katbrown57 9678   15/05/2012 at 08:43AM 
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 Lost & Found
  Maria McCrohan / Patrick Conway in Cahersiveen
1 Johnp 8077   15/05/2012 at 08:37AM 
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 General Discussion
  McCrohans from Killurly, Kerry, Ireland
0 coshea7 13088   04/05/2012 at 01:35PM 
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McCrohan Panhandle Pioneers
My Family Tree jerry writes "
Although we can't vouch for its veracity, the following extract from "Memory Cups of Panhandle Pioneers" (Clarendon Press, 1945) has a page on the McCrohans of New Mexico and Texas..  Thanks to Trevor Trimmer for spotting this and sharing.
Posted by admin on Sunday, 08 February 2015 @ 06:51:04 EST (99 reads) (Read More... | 3364 bytes more | 1 comment | Score: 0)

New branch of Family Tree Found
My Family Tree Eileen writes "I recently received an email from a Jane, stating that her father was Thomas F Crohan (O’Crohan) and his father was Thomas T. Crohan (O’Crohan) the son that went to America and his father was Tomas O’Crohan (The Islandman).
Posted by admin on Thursday, 23 December 2010 @ 14:39:01 EST (4860 reads) (Read More... | 766 bytes more | 2 comments | Score: 0)

A McCrehin Family History
My Family Tree With many apologies to Carol Sundquist (née McCrehin) for the very late publication of her family history.
Posted by admin on Sunday, 19 August 2007 @ 08:23:48 EDT (8518 reads) (Read More... | 8881 bytes more | 1 comment | Score: 0)

New downloads in the Family Histories section
My Family Tree Working through my backlog of documents to post, and came across the following documents contributed by John McCrohan of Renard (again).  John mentions in his email that he received them from Inés in Buenos Aires, a descendent of Don José.

Unfortunately for some of us, the documents are in Spanish only, so it would be great if  there's anyone out there with the appropriate language skills who could translate these to English one day.
Posted by admin on Sunday, 19 August 2007 @ 07:57:38 EDT (8088 reads) (Read More... | 1124 bytes more | 1 comment | Score: 0)

Publicity featuring Valentia Island, Renard Point etc
Announcements With thanks to John McCrohan of Renard, County Kerry in Ireland for requesting a copy of this short publicity slot from Guinness, and sharing it with us.  This 4 megabyte film is of interest here, because it features background images of the Irish McCrohan heartland. 

To further put the film in context, I'm copying a short article from "The Kingdom" newspaper, which was published September 15, 2005.
Posted by admin on Sunday, 19 August 2007 @ 07:03:20 EDT (8818 reads) (Read More... | 2540 bytes more | 42 comments | Score: 4)

Photo Gallery back!
Announcements I'm delighted to say that the photo gallery is back in action.  See link on the left to "Photo Gallery".   As I don't have as much time to tend to as I used to, I had to disable the photo gallery some time back when upgrading ..
Posted by admin on Sunday, 19 August 2007 @ 05:26:46 EDT (9405 reads) (Read More... | 962 bytes more | 5 comments | Score: 0)

A MacCriomhthainn History - from Australia
The Name member Clinton McCrohan has submitted the following perspective on the history of the MacCriomhthainn name and descendants.   A big thanks to Clinton - this was quite an undertaking.  Please post comments here if you'd like to provide feedback to his research.
Posted by admin on Sunday, 19 March 2006 @ 09:36:51 EST (9747 reads) (Read More... | 7 comments | Score: 5)

Kerry brothers to sing at White House lunch
Famous People THREE Kerry brothers will perform for US President George W Bush, Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and other dignitaries at a presidential lunch in the White House on March 16.

Note: This article appeared in the Irish Examiner on the 10th of March.  Thanks to member Paul Thompson for bringing it to our attention.
Posted by admin on Saturday, 11 March 2006 @ 13:15:58 EST (7491 reads) (Read More... | 877 bytes more | 2 comments | Score: 0)

Maxwell McCrohon
Famous People Maxwell McCrohon 1928 -- 2004

`Visionary' talent reshaped Chicago Tribune Newspaper
By Patrick T. Reardon
Chicago Tribune staff reporter

Note: Thanks to Ed Ahern for sharing this with us

Posted by admin on Sunday, 12 December 2004 @ 14:44:25 EST (10861 reads) (Read More... | 8454 bytes more | 5 comments | Score: 4.33)

Mac Crehin's Castle
The Name Apart from its enclosing earthwork there are no visible remains of this castle, which was located on the lower South slopes of Bentee Mountain. It is associated with the McCrohan branch of the O’Sullivan Mores (Smith 1756, 107), and is referred to as ‘Letirmiccrohan’ in RIA MS 24 K 43.

Note: Article contributed by John McCrohan of Renard. Registered users can see a picture of the site of Leitir Castle in the Photo Gallery.
Posted by admin on Thursday, 02 January 2003 @ 07:06:04 EST (14425 reads) (Read More... | 3774 bytes more | 46 comments | Score: 4.5)

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Saturday, August 18
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Friday, August 17
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