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World-wide home of McCrohan Genealogy Guestbook
(archive from 2001 to 2005)

Although the Guestbook is no longer active since the end of 2005, primarily because it attracted the attention of spammers and people advertising products unrelated to McCrohan Genealogy, we thought that it would be a good idea to make the archive available as many people posted interesting information here - information which by all rights should have been posted in the forum, but for whatever particular reason, they felt more comfortable posting in the Guestbook!

11 August 2001Jerry"Feel free to leave a message here. Comments, feedback, ideas, or simply to say ""hello""!" 
12 August 2001Sam McCrohan"hello fellow, inferior McCrohan's!!" 
12 August 2001Jerry"Real pleasure to meet a superior McCrohan, Sam. Never come across one of those before. Must get lonely at the top? Jerry" 
18 August 2001kmc"Wishing you always. A bright sky above. The pleasure of doing things that you love -- God's blessing around you. His light from on high, and deeper contentment As each day goes by." 
18 August 2001kmcWho is this Superior Sam McCrohan and where did he come from? And what is it that makes you that way Sam ? kmc :rolleyes: 
29 August 2001Ann Barry"At last I have found the McCrohon site. I have made contact with Ian Mc crohon last year, and would like to advise other McCrohon family members, that I have in my possession a large number of old (up to 100yrs old) photo's, from the the family of John & Bridget Balkin. Please contact me if you think you may be interested. Ian has already received photo's from this collection. Also could someone advise me of a link to the Singleton/Maitland family history group. Take care"
14 September 2001Shannon MahoneyI just wanted to sign the guestbook. My mother and that side of my family are McCrohan's. My Aunt Karen told me about this site. (Hi Aunt Kare-Girl!)
18 September 2001Karen McCrohon"My father was Robert Joseph McCrohon and his father was Joe McCrohon (married to Annie), i think Joe's father came from Scotland and would like any more info please."
07 January 2002"Margaret ""Peg"" McCrohan""I've been meaning to check this site out. My father is James Patrick McCrohan of Suffern, NY. His father was Patrick McCrohan from Kerry. I've been back to Ireland numerous times visiting my cousins, Jerry McCrohan's children, who by the way are still all there and would LOVE to hear from anyone who's new ""family"" to them! E-me for their e-addresses/snailmail addresses if you like. But be sure and look them up if you ever go across the sea...They're truly a homely folk!! (""Homely"" I discovered on my first trip to Ireland is NOT an insult as we think it to be normally. It means ""welcome in the home""!) Thanks for this website ... I'll be a regular visitor!!"
29 January 2002David Edward McCrohanI was told my family originated in Ireland and I would like to find out more if someone can help!
05 February 2002Edward Ahern"My mother, a professional cartoonist who passed away in 1999, was Margaret McCrohan. She was born in NYC and raised in Chicago. Her parents, John & Margaret, hailed from Cahirciveen, County Kerry. She was always proud of the McCrohans - and County Kerry!"
09 February 2002MissyDo you know if there is an official McCrohan family Association. I am very interested in starting one let me know what you
05 March 2002Justin McCrohan MahoneyCan you tell me how to access family trees? I would love to see
05 March 2002Justin McCrohan MahoneyHi aunt karen and shannon!!!
09 March 2002steve mccrohon"I was thrilled to find a mccrohon site and read about the history. Can anyone tell me if the mccrohon name has a family crest/coat of arms? If so where can I find it, where can I purchase a plaque with the crest on it? Best regard Steve McCrohon Brisbane Australia"
14 March 2002Clinton McCrohan"Hi Steve, A bit of info about the McCrohan family crest/coat of arms. After doing a bit of research over the years it seems we don't have one or maybe we have lost it through history? I reckon we should design a new McCrohan crest. Something that all the McCrohans around the world can identify with. Maybe we should start up some type of McCrohan crest design competition?"
15 March 2002kmc"Oh, ain't it great to be Irish this time of year. Happy St. Pat's day to all of my fellow Mccrohan's ... . And to the wanna be's too. >>>>>>HERE'S TO THE LAND OF SHAMROCK WHERE IRISH HEARTS ARE TRUE HERE'S TO OUR BLESSED ST. PARICK BUT MOST OF ALL ,HERES TO YOU.>>>>>>>> And as I always say if your lucky enough to be Irish, your lucky enough. .... Have a blessed St. Patty's day. Karen (kmc) Michigan" 
26 March 2002maureenmy grandfather was maurice mccrohan from millville mass. my ancessors are from the county of kerry. anyone knowing these mccrohans please contact
17 June 2002lisaI am a McCrehin!!!!!! :) I would like to talk to anyone about the family history. Thankyou
06 July 2002john-mcMy family are gobsmacked there is a McCrohan site: we thought we were such a small Irish family group but there you are. Best wishes to you
10 May 2002Vicki McCrohon"Just came across the site and found it very interesting. My family came from the Hillgrove, Paxton, Cessnock area of New South Wales Australia. My father was Victor Harry McCrohon and his father, my grandfather was Alexander McCrohon"
07 July 2002John Mc Crohan"Delighted to find You.I live on the Dingle peninsula in West Kerry,a fourth generation that I know of.I do hope to get in touch with any MC who would like to talk to me.Im the last of the male line here and also the last Mc Crohan family on the peninsula,there is one Criomhthain family left here also."
08 July 2002Marilyn Macfarlane nee McCrohonI have just found this page and am new to the net so still learning. I am the daughter of Alexander Charles McCrohon from Paxton NSW Aust. Hi to you all and now I will be a regular visitor. Best Wishes to you
27 July 2002mikemccrohanhi im from aztec nm found out a couple years ago that there are whole lot more than me and my two brothers. p.s. thank you very much for coming to the funeral i was very happy to meet you all under the
07 August 2002Anita Arean"I have been unable to find any forum on the name McCroan and wonder if it is a misspelling or variation of McCrohan. The family of my grandmother Amazon F Mcroan was in GA in the 1800's and there is a record of a Crown grant of land to a McRoan in Ga in the mid 1700's. Amy diedafter the birth of her second child, Gordon, first child was Thomas Caswell. Cannot find anyone of McCroan name."
11 September 2002Ron McCrehinhello 
04 October 2002Tommy"Hello to all. I don't have much genealogy records, would like to learn more about McCrohan clan and their history. I was born in the US and currently live in New Jersey. Such an uncommon name, don't meet many other McCrohan's. Anyone know if we are connected with the author Tomas O'Crohan?"
18 October 2002jeff"my great great grandfather geoffrey mccrohon was born in birmingham england about 1884 he moved to glasgow in the early 1900s he married agnes brown,they lived in the town head area of the city ."
28 October 2002Garth McCrohanMcCrohan clan my father edward ainsley grandfather francise moved to washing stste from australia any info contact at
29 October 2002Valentín de Céspedes"My grandfather was Valentín de Céspedes y MacCrohon, from Madrid"
01 November 2002PeteR"Hello the ever growing family of McCrohons et al. I now have info on McCrohons in Birmingham, Leominster, Glasgow and Ellesmere Port, all UK, from about 1800. Any additional info greatfully received. Incidentally you Aussie McCrohon's, look out for the Aussie Rimmers - they may be related." 
22 November 2002Brian Millington"My maternal Grandmother was Gertrude McCrohan, born in 1896 (I think). one of 13 children born and raised in the industial midlands of England around Birmingham. She lost four brothers in the 1st. world war - one was named Tom. She married George Earnest (""Ernie"")Sergant - I don't know when and they had one daughter, my mother, Annie, born August 2nd 1918."
31 December 2002donna barrington"Hello from Alaska -- my husband is great grandson to Christina McCrohan who was daughter of Francis McCrohan and Grace Mullen, emigrants from Australia to Whidbey, Island. We're going to Killarney in April where my son will be competing in the World's Irish Dance Championships -- great site full of interesting stuff!"
03 January 2003Banin"Hello Jerry, Great to see all the information going up on the website. Well done, keep it up! It was lovely to me you all over the Christmas. Best of wishes for the New Year to Jane, the kids and yourself. Regards, Bridie and Kit (and John)"
22 January 2003heidi mullin"hie basically i would like to find out more on my family history which is on the o,carrol mullins from ireland. that is they orriginated from there in the 1800,s. apparently set sail for southern africa." 
06 February 2003Jose Tosis"Hello to all the McCrohans, It's nice to see your famiy tree, gald to see people proud of there heritage. I'm gald to have met a McCrohan,she has turn out to be,the the best friend someone could ask for.Thank You again for sharing your family tree with us . Jose. Thank you Karen McCrohan a true friend." 
24 February 2003Pat CorcoranSuring around looking for other Corcorans and saw Leo's name. WIll come back when I have more time!
23 April 2003scacHi fellow mccrohons I only found our website today and have registered under scac. I live in Birmingham England and have 1 sister my dad lives in cornwall and is a skipper in the merchant navy.I have always wondered how many other mccrohons live in the uk because I can never see any in the phone books take care all 
04 May 2003Joe Gantly"Doing some research on my Gantly/Gantley family tree and I came across this McCrohan site. My Aunt from Cork married Jerry McCrohan (RIP) of Kerry-we call that a mixed marriage in Ireland, haha. If any other McCrohans have Jerry's kindness, gentleness and senseof humour you are very lucky. Joe Gantly." 
05 May 2003John Roy Mccrohan"Hi new on the Mccrohan web. I live in Reading, England. My fathers name was Alan who together with his brother Roy played football for Reading FC. Roy now lives is USA. I have a son Joshua and we are the last two remaining Mccrohans in this area. Nice website."
27 June 2003Andy McCrohanA big Aussie G'day to all the clan around the world - great website. Grandfather was Tomas McCrohan (RIP) married Helen May (RIP) resided in Victoria Australia I read the history and fits pretty much with what we have found out. One interesting piece of information is the strong Spanish connection arose when many of the sailors from the Spanish armada were washed up on the shores of Ireland and there began much of the Spanish connection. as the sailors integrated into the
05 July 2003uche mgada"maga,good site"
31 July 2003Gloria Christensen"Writing a book with the main character having the last name of McCrohan! Doing a great deal research at this time. You have a great site. Thank you. Sincerely, Gloria Christensen"
13 August 2003karemcc"Hello, fellow McCrohan's. Thanks for the votes on my articles....As I just let the ""WEB MASTER"" know kmc & karemcc are the same person. Anyone in the Detroit area, please look me up....use karemcc..e-mail."
22 November 2003christine mccrohan"Hello there I am from Dublin, CA Would love to get a reunion going. Anyone interested??"
13 January 2004tim"Hi from Melbourne, Australia. Love the website, great work Jerry and everyone who has contributed. The Smiths and Jones people will be green with envy."
29 February 2004bcrohan"I don't know if this is the place, but I am trying to find out any information about my family name. Crohan. Father was from Omaha, Nebraska. Trying to locate informatin about his father. Don't know if he was born in this country or not. Parents are deceased so I have no one to ask. I have a brother that is under the impression that our family can be traced to Tomas O'Crohan but I have not been able to locate any information on that. Thank you for any help."
27 May 2004Pat FullamI am looking for any information concerning the birth of my greatgrand father Andrew Fullam in Ireland around 1844. He immigrated to the US in 1857 and married Anna Kennedy in 1865 in Philadelphia
16 September 2004Erin Sibinich"I am a Mccrohan from Uxbridge, MA. My grandfather worked for US Rubber in Millville, MA before moving to NJ. My dad, Richard McCrohan Jr stayed in MA, has 8 children and 11 grandchildren. Nice web site"
24 September 2004rai england"Hi James, very interested in your piece about John McCrohon 88th c/rangers, he served with his regiment during the ZULU WAR 1879 and appears on the medal roll receiving the South African War Medal without the medal bar, as Orderly Clerk to the regiment. Do you have any information on where he was buried when he died in 1883 I presume he died in London? Iam no relation but are interested in the Zulu War check out our website, thank you Rai."
18 December 2004mo"Hi, all McCrohon,s I am just new to the site trying to find my way around, as far as Ican see I have quite a lot of relatives,my grandfather was GEOFFREY McCrohon who married Agnes Dunn, I am not sure how to get more information.Would be glad of any help. Maureen."
02 March 2005John J. Haggerty"I found this site by accident. I am searching for info on my G. Grandfather, James J. Mahoney (1866-1945) and his brother, Crohon mahoney (1882-19??). I have never found such a first name before. I feel he must of had a McCrohan grandfather? They came to Boston and were naturalized. just after 1900. They lived in Boston, Malden, Everett, and Medford, MA. I have the naturalization records. If this info helps anyone please let me know. Tx, John"
24 June 2005Adam McCrohonI have no knowledge at all of the history or creation of my last name.. The sites really interesting tho. Im from Gold Coast QLD AUSTRALIA. If anyone feels like helping me out a bit more please
04 July 2005Donald Chaisson"I knew a man named Sean Crohan he lived in Coumenole, across the road from Dumore Head. I f he is a relaton of yours I have some photographs of him from 1978, 1982, 1983. I would be happy to share them with any family members."
19 September 2005Patricia Velasco"I am researching the O'Sullivan, Keating and Bowler families and came across this wonderful site! Thank you for putting this together, it is a tremendous help to me as I'm still in the early stages and want to learn as much as possible."
19 September 2005Emmett McCrohan"I just wanted to tell you this is a great site, and plan on doing some history on my family hopefully this will be of some help."
13 October 2005sandy53"I think this site is great, My mother was a McCrohon and her father was Edwin who was born in Tingha NSW, I saw the photos of Bridget Balkin and Alice Cox who are my GG Grandmother and G grandmother, would love to get in touch with someone and find connections"
07 November 2005Mark McCrohan Case"I'm the decendant of Lorena McCrohan, the lost dauther of Ned McCrohan."

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