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A History of McCrohan(James McCrohan of Texas, U.S.A.)

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McCrohan Panhandle Pioneers
My Family Treejerry writes "
Although we can't vouch for its veracity, the following extract from "Memory Cups of Panhandle Pioneers" (Clarendon Press, 1945) has a page on the McCrohans of New Mexico and Texas..  Thanks to Trevor Trimmer for spotting this and sharing.


   In the early nineties two families of McCrohans moved into Wheeler county from New Mexico. One was always referred to as “Old Man McCrohan.”  He had five sons, varying in appearance from big, dark, handsome Jack to fair Emmett and small Charlie. The only daughter, Belle, was very small, too.
   The other man, his brother, was Geoffrey (G.O.) McCrohan.  He had married a widow, Mrs. Baldwin, who had a son,  J.M. (Malcolm) Baldwin. They also had a four-year-old son, G.O. Jr.
   The older, larger family moved on south to San Angelo, but G.O. McCrohan built up a ranch north of Sweetwater.
   Geoffrey, ]r., attended school at Mobeetie. When he was sixteen they sent him to Amarillo to school. They educated him for the law but he did not like it and quit after his first few cases. He was then Cashier of the First National Bank of Wheeler during it’s existence.
   They had two children, Jacqueline and G.O. III.  Geoffrey Jr. married Lucille Dixon. After her death he married Miss Allamae Phillips, a teacher in the Wheeler school system.
   The Geoffrey .McCrohan family went like smoke when they began. Mrs. Campbell, mother of Mrs. McCrohan. I, was the first, followed soon by her daughter, Malcolm’s mother.  Then Malcolm’s Wife, next Malcolm, Lucille, and in a few short years Geoffrey, Jr.  Jacqueline went to Topeka to become a nurse but married and now has a son and daughter.   Geoffrey III is living in Amarillo, still single, and the only McCrohan in this part of state.

Memory Cups of Panhandle Pioneers
Millie Jones Porter
Clarendon Press
Clarendon, Texas

Note: If you follow the link to "Memory Cups of Panhandle Pioneers" on Amazon, you'll see a comment from another author, Rose Hall, who wrote "A Spirit to Resist", about a Texas Pioneer Woman.  Rose Hall says the following of "Memory Cups of Panhandle Pioneers":

"I used this volume written by Porter as contextual basis for my novel, A SPIRIT TO RESIST. Like Porter I value the memories of the early pioneers of the Texas Panhandle. After she retired, Porter spent hours, days, and weeks combing through legal documents in Wheeler County archives. Then, she interviewed as many of those pioneers as she was able. She did so without, I believe, special training beyond a public school education. Because Wheeler County was the primary organizing legal base for the subsequent organization of the entire eastern Texas Panhandle, we are indebted to Millie Jones Porter."

Posted on Sunday, 08 February 2015 @ 06:51:04 EST by admin

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Re: McCrohan Panhandle Pioneers (Score: 1)
by jerry on Saturday, 14 February 2015 @ 06:15:45 EST
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Trevor provides additional information:

I also come across this - - record of gravestone inscriptiuons.
Wheeler County Texas-----Wheeler Cemetery 
Submitted by Beth Shelton<>.
McCrohan  Mary E.       1/31/1852          12/31/1919   
McCrohan  Edith L.            1890         1930  
McCrohan  Geoffrey O.,III 5/12/1914          3/24/1975     
McCrohan  Geoffrey O. Connell 1889           1940  


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